About Me

Hey! I'm Erin, Owner of Hinkston Handmade. Here we primarily dye self striping yarns but we also dye spinning fibers as well as non striping yarns.  All yarns are dyed in small batches using professional dyes in my home studio in rural Kentucky.  Although I use recipes for my colorways I approach the dye pots as an artist.  Skeins can vary individually even within the same dye lot.  If you have a larger project in mind I urge you to alternate every row or two between two skeins. Also please be aware that variations in monitors are quite common.



I recommend that all had knits be hand washed in wool wash using cool water.  Woolite is not recommended as it is not formulated for wool products.  I suggest using Eucalan or Soak to wash all your hand knits. Hot water (over 130 degrees Fahrenheit)  can break some of the bonds made during the dye process so please use water that is room temperature or cooler.

For the love of sheep.

All of the wool that goes into our yarn and fiber is ethically sourced and comes from areas where mulesling is banned.